Xiaomi's attractive, budget-friendly body toàn thân composition scale will measure 13 metrics và look good in your bathroom to lớn boot. But at this price, there are a couple of compromises to be made.

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Our Verdict

It’s not perfect but the Mi body toàn thân Composition Scale 2’s budget-friendly price và elegant kiến thiết make it one lớn consider – especially if you have a mày watch or fitness band, for perfectly joined up fitness coverage.


There are smart scales aplenty on the market but Xiaomi’s Mi toàn thân Composition 2 is one of the most affordable options. It’s currently available for under £25 on Amazon in the UK and under $30 in the US. But does its attractive price point mean you should snap it up? Read on to lớn find out.

Mi smart scale design

White LED displayScale displays weight onlyBattery powered (4 AAA batteries, not supplied)

The mi Smart Scale has a lovely, minimalist thiết kế that belies its budget price tag. It’s not just a plate of glass plonked onto some feet: its underside curves pleasingly up khổng lồ meet its shiny, tempered glass surface, và the display is in bright white LEDs. In the centre of the scale is a discreet, mirrored mi logo và in the corners, four silvery discs.

If you’re not familiar with smart scale technology, here’s how it works. When you stand on the discs with bare feet, a small electrical charge is sent up into your body. By measuring the resistance it encounters, the scale is able to maps your toàn thân composition.

You can’t feel it & it’s perfectly safe for most people, although anyone with a pacemaker or other medical implant should speak lớn their doctor before using one.


Smart scales aren’t necessarily perfectly accurate in determining your body’s makeup but as long as they’re consistent, they can be a really useful part of a fitness journey. If your motivation is ebbing, opening the tiện ích to view your progress can give you a real boost.

But the ngươi scale does claim weighing accuracy at least, with a stated precision of 100g. While testing it, we compared it khổng lồ other scales and believe that it was on target. However, it does take a couple of attempts to calibrate properly, so prepare yourself for some unlikely numbers the first time you step onto it.

The mi scale is powered by 4 AAA batteries. If you’re thinking of buying it, stick a pack of batteries in your basket as well – because it doesn’t come with them. That’s really the first sign that you’re looking at a budget scale.

Using the mi scale

Bluetooth only connectionUp to lớn 16 profiles13 body toàn thân measurements

Once you’ve inserted the batteries and downloaded the không lấy phí to use mày Fit phầm mềm (available for both Android and Apple), you just need lớn take off your socks & hop on the scale.

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The scale works via Bluetooth and doesn’t have a Wi-Fi option. That means you’ll need to have the app mở cửa to log a weigh-in. Still, on the plus side, that means there’s no annoying Wi-Fi syncing stage. It just works instantly.


At your first weigh-in, you can create a profile for yourself. The scale can tư vấn up lớn 16 separate profiles and without a Wi-Fi option there’s less of a chance that the stats will be sent to lớn the wrong account. Just make sure that other family members who use the scale aren’t nearby & on the phầm mềm when you weigh in.

The scale itself will only display your weight (you can choose between kg và lbs) but the tiện ích will also tell you your BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, protein and water percentage, bone mass, visceral fat, toàn thân age and ideal body weight.

Usefully, it’ll also give you your basal metabolic rate, which lets you see how many calories your toàn thân needs a day lớn maintain its current weight. (Less usefully, the app describes your body type, with weirder options being “thick-set” và “lacks exercise”. This seems unnecessary & worse, users may find it insulting or off-putting.)

The tiện ích also defines the key stats và lets you know whether they’re in a normal range or not, by separating them into metrics that need your attention or into goals reached. There’s also a “history” section with clear, easy lớn read charts to lớn follow your progress.


All of this makes it a solid option for the general user but where the ứng dụng really comes into its own is for people who are already mi ecosystem users. If you use a mày Band or a ngươi watch, you’ll already have the mi Fit app và that means your other health stats, including sleep & exercise tracking, are just a tab away.

Price and availability

The Mi body toàn thân Composition scale is priced at £29.99 in the UK & $40 in the US (although you’ll be able lớn buy it for around $10 less), making it a very affordable option.

The premium Withings smart scale, by comparison, retails for around £129/$149. What you’ll get for that is a much more comprehensive on-scale display, rechargeable battery power, plus heart rate and heart health information. If you’re already a Withings user, an investment lượt thích that makes sense but for most people, the more budget-friendly option will be enough.


A USB charging option would be preferable khổng lồ battery power và it would be nice lớn see more measurements on the scale itself but if you can compromise on these points, the Mi toàn thân Composition Scale 2 is a good buy for anyone: it’s very reasonably priced và well designed.

However, if you’re already a ngươi smartwatch or fitness band user, it’s highly recommended.

For more options, have a look at our round-up of the best smart scales we’ve tested, or check out our review of the ngươi Band 6 & the ngươi watch.