It"s not every day when you meet a good enough flash mob that will actually stop you at your tracks. At the same time, there are very few musical flash mobs out there since dancing flash mobs have been the craze over the past years.

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However, Rhapsody Philharmonic in Hanoi, Vietnam is making waves because of their quality take on musical flash mobs.

The group"s performance on Avicii"s "Wake Me Up" has had Facebook fans stunned.

The group is made of classical musicians who play violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, percussion, keyboards, và even effects.

The Rhapsody Philharmonic made their way through the middle of the busy intersection in Vietnam & started out their setup. There was a station in the middle that is set for the effects musician.

One by one, the violinists started coming in. They were warming up as they try khổng lồ play a tune together.


Rhapsody Philharmonic (Photo via Rhapsody Philharmonic)

Initially, the passersby were on the lookout. They were intrigued by these musicians who were holding up classical instruments in their casual attires. Most of the time, orchestra bands are seen wearing formal suits and dresses during performances.

What was even more fascinating was the fact that most of these musicians were young. In a modern world where pop music is on the rise, it feels rare for young artists to lớn play classical music.

At first, it did not feel lượt thích a flash mob. There was a guitarist, a guy on percussion, và a female violinist playing in the middle of the street.

It felt just like a normal band playing until this guy with a máy tính came in lớn plug his device. The group continued on as the mass of viewers came in. There was also a guy in blue who stood in the middle as two musicians came in.

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They were pulling up their smartphones & getting ready for recording what this group has in store for them.


Vietnam Flashmob (Photo via Rhapsody Philharmonic)

As the musicians started to lớn pile in together with the beat, the sound became more and more familiar. It was the intro of Avicii"s "Wake Me Up." The melody was even more enriched as the woodwind players started joining.

The buổi tiệc nhỏ song was coming lớn life. Everyone was just stunned as the group continued on with the song. Some viewers felt that it was a fantastic performance và people started joining the groove.

Amid the busy street, the Rhapsody Philharmonic has really made their mark that day.This is not the first musical flash mob from Rhapsody Philharmonic. They did another one back in năm ngoái and it was the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. This one was more lượt thích a movie focused on the musicians.

But, just as the Avicii performance, they have managed lớn get the attention of everyone who was in the area.

The crowd started piling in and cars even took the time to lớn stop. Children và adults were on the lookout. As more và more musicians join in, the beat was beginning lớn make sense.

All of a sudden, the entire Rhapsody Philharmonic is ready for their performance.

Because the tone of this theme tuy vậy is a little more serious than the Avicii performance, people were not particularly dancing, but they were certainly impressed.

The audience were also recording on their điện thoại cảm ứng and the captivating performance was topped with an outstanding violin solo.

Truly, Rhapsody Philharmonic shows everyday people how beautiful classical music is at this time và age.